Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Styling My New Coffee Table Ottoman

My living room with our new linen tufted ottoman.
(Sorry for the crap photo. I'll get a decent camera one of these days!)

Furniture layouts with a corner fireplace are tricky. Add an obnoxious TV mounted on the adjacent wall (some battles are just not worth the trouble folks;) and it is super tricky!

It seems the mister is not a fan of relocating the fireplace to the adjacent wall to make things symmetrical. 

As an architect, my first instinct is always to fix the floor plan. Unfortunately, that's not an option here. 

**note to architects and home builders: please stop putting corner fireplaces in homes. Add to that, corner kitchen pantries and angled kitchen counters. Thank you.**

Sooooo, I have to fix it with furniture.

I've chosen to make the fireplace the focal point, and ordered a round tufted ottoman as our coffee table. 

Anything square or rectangular placed more focus on the TV and fought with the fireplace.
And that's no Bueno!

The ottoman arrived late last night, so I just pulled out some things I already had to style it. A carved wood bowl, vintage sterling silver bowl filled with shells, a geode, candle and a plant. It's ehhhhhh. 
I need a smaller tray, perhaps something hexagonal or oval to add a different shape. 

So, let's look at some inspiration to create a shopping list for some new goodies, shall we?!!

Vicente Wolf

Amy Morris & Greg Palmer

Peter Dunham

Amber Interiors

Brooke Giannetti

Alex MacArthur

Joe Lucas

Windsor Smith

Philip Sides

Eleanor Cummings

Ginnifer Goodwin's home

House Beautiful

Windsor Smith

Windsor Smith

Windsor Smith

Mary McDonald

John Minshaw Designs

Donna Ballard Maselli

Dot Dimiero & Dana Aichler

Peter Dunham

Well, I'm ready to go shopping now!

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  1. I simply love Peter Dunham , what a fun room you have and the ottoman is great!

  2. That Windsor Smith! She nails it every time. By the way, if you got a petition going about the fireplaces, pantry, and counters, I'd sign in a New York minute!
    The House of Hampton

  3. I totally want to mail a letter to all of the idiot architects who think angled crap is interesting. It's just dysfunctional, right? It is on my list of deal breakers as we house hunt.