Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Concealing the TV with a Folding Screen

It's the age old design dilemma. The TV. 

Well maybe not "age old." But certainly a design consideration since the 50's when TV's were encased in a wood surround to make them appear more like a piece of furniture.

Even with the sleek, wall mounted flat screens today, it's still a big black box on your wall. I've seen some beautiful gallery walls that take the focus off of the TV. 

A console below also provides a spot to accessorize and make it more of a "design vignette."

In my Living Room, it's just a big 'ol TV on an otherwise blank wall.
(And let's not overlook those 2 fabulous speakers.)

We've been trying to watch less TV and listen to more music instead. I guess part of my theory is that if you have to go to the trouble of opening doors to get to the TV, maybe we'll just leave it off! How's that for lazy!!

We tend to watch our favorite shows via DVR in bed anyway. Or, we're all staring at our IPads at Fabric trim, Motorcycles and Minecraft. (Hers, His, and Daughter selections respectively!)

I stumbled across this folding screen the other day at a local antique shop. I love the gilded leaf detail on the trees and the matte black background which is a nice contrast to all the white in my Living Room.

The dimensions were close enough that I knew we could make it work to hide the TV, so I loaded her up!

The plan is to separate the screen down the middle, making it a pair of bifold doors that will be mounted to a frame on the wall. When the doors are open, you will see one panel on either side of the TV. 

The plan has been set, hopefully the execution will be as perfect as it is in my mind!
Look for an update next week!

Who hasn't drooled over Brooke Giannetti's custom made Gracie panels to conceal their TV?!

The left 2 panels are bifold doors and the right panel is hinged on the right. Absolutely beautiful.

Although  I'm dissecting my folding screen, I adore them when they're used as they are intended. Either to conceal a private area, to soften a corner, or to be purely decorative, folding screens are pretty fabulous! 
Here are some of my favorite spaces that use folding screens.

Roger Higgins

Charlotte Moss

Frank Babb Randolph

Rose Tarlow

Richard Hellberg

Bunny Williams

Todd Alexander Romano

Peter Dunham

Fiona Weeks

John Saladino

Darryl Carter

Richard Mishaan

Richard Mishaan

Darryl Carter

Darryl Carter

Darryl Carter

Tara Shaw

Melissa Haynes

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