Thursday, March 27, 2014

Agate & Geode Love and It's Round Top time again!

I've always been one to rubberneck (is that a Yankee term??!!) while passing a granite installation truck. I've GOT to see what kind of stone they're hauling and have the urge to follow to see what's happening at its final destination. (More on my obsession with new home construction at a later date...)

Lately, I'm enamoured by all the beautiful agate and geode accents that have made their way on to the interiors scene. Here are some delicious ways some wickedly creative minds have used this awesome gift from earth!



Viceroy Anguilla. Design by Kelly Wearstler

It takes a master craftsman to book match these slabs so perfectly as they've done here. You can't walk past these walls without touching them. Nope. You can't.

On a smaller scale, you can introduce this trend into your home through accents like these sconces available through

These lamps would make a stunning addition to any room.
I recently purchased this pair of agate lamp finials from etsy seller LindiDesigns.

Just a fun way to add another layer of detail and visual texture to a space. She also has agate drawer pulls like the ones we've seen recently at West Elm and Anthropologie.

Agates are everywhere on the fashion scene as well. I love this layered look. Anyone have a tip on how to keep the chains from getting tangled? Mine end up a mess within an hour of wearing.


Alright, now this image is delicious, no? That gorgeous purple amethyst is enhanced by the moody blue painting by artist Gertrude D.

I'm on the hunt for a giant amethyst specimen like this one for my own fireplace mantle.

The hunt begins this Saturday. I'm headed to Antique Weekend in Round Top, Texas. It's miles and miles of treasure hunting goodness. If you're in the area, I highly recommend making the trip. I allllways find what I'm looking for...and then some!!!

My treasure hunting tip: Do your research!!!

If there's something specific you're after, do some pricing research on craigslist, ebay, 1stdibs or local consignment shops. It's reeeally easy to get excited and overwhelmed at the shear amount of stuff at these festivals. You don't want to pay too much or buy something you really weren't after in the first place.

I call it, "the HOT zone." It's dangerous.