Friday, May 15, 2015

Objets D'Art on Display

Zeus on a walnut & metal rod display atop a vintage wood column in my Foyer.

There's something about mounting an object on a display stand that elevates it to a curated museum quality piece. I love how chic and elegant it looks and gives an importance to the object, even if it's just a chunk of wood you found in your yard and thought, "that wood has great form, let's put that thing on a stand!"

Said chunk of wood.

Here are some fabulous rooms with Objects D'art on display!

Timothy Whealon

Michael Smith

Serge Castella

This is a lamp but I had to include it because it's amazing!
Benjamin Vandiver

Nancy Braithewaite

Betsy Brown

Kapito Muller Interiors

NY Times

Victoria Hagan

Nina Griscom | Photo by Eric Piasecki

Milieu Magazine

Luis Bick & William Simonato

Bobby McAlpine & Susan Ferrier

Have a fabulous weekend!
~ Charlotte

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