Thursday, May 14, 2015

New Obsession: Plaster Lighting & Furniture

Chandelier by Stephen Antonson.
Miles Redd

Chandelier by Stephen Antonson

You can add Plaster Lighting and Furniture to the long list of things I'm currently obsessed with. 
It's textural quality is so appealing. It can be modern, rustic, or coastal, making this art form versatile and so unique.
 I love statement pieces, especially ones that beckon you to come closer and touch it! 

Stephen Antonson and Julie Neill are two artists who have designed and created some amazing pieces.

Miles Redd is a fan and has used Stephen's chandeliers in several spaces. 

Chandelier by Stephen Antonson. 
Miles Redd

Chandelier by Stephen Antonson.
Miles Redd

Chandelier by Stephen Antonson
Daniel Cueva

Table by Stephen Antonson
Leroy Street Studio

Plaster Shell Sconces.
James Andrew Design.

Julie Neill is a lighting designer based in New  Orleans.  She typically designs French style lighting that you've seen in every major design publication. A favorite among designers, she also offers a few amazing plaster fixtures.

Here's an enlarged view so you can see the texture. Amazing!

Here are some great plaster fixtures available from different Lighting Showrooms.

A few more goodies from Stephen Antonson's portfolio!

I am smitten with this lamp shade!

How about some blue!

I would love to use one of these tables in a space!

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  1. I love the look - so fun and fresh and the Julie Neil designs are fabulous!!