Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Stair Landings Adorned

When I design a home, my minds eye is constantly taking snapshots.  I'm looking for places in a room to create a "vignette" as we call it in the biz.

I think a well designed room feels cohesive and is enjoyable as a whole but it is made up of vignettes or "moments."

When you look around a room, they are places for your eye to rest. If these "moments" are done well, their scale, proportion, color, etc, work together to feel like a natural part of the room.

A place where I love to create a moment, is on the stair landing.  You don't have to have an enormous amount of space.  My stairs are petite!


Charlotte Skinner Design

Here's my own landing where I currently have a teak root ball on the floor and a framed equestrian print above.

Gideon Mendelson in House Beautiful

This wide zebra stair runner looks perfect with the art grouping on the wall and tufted 

Ruard Veltman Architecture, House Beautiful

Here, a shallow cabinet is a perfect spot to inject a bit of nature or lean artwork atop.

Peter Zimmerman Architects

I love how the architect carved out some bookcases in this stairway.

Stair Landings are often overlooked as a space to adorn. These images show us to give them a second look!

Peter Zimmerman ArchitectsHouse BeautifulHouse Beautiful


  1. Love your landing and the teak ball is so pretty. Love when spaces are carved out of the stairs!