Monday, September 14, 2015

Traditional is Patient, It will wait for you.

I've been reading comments from other designers & bloggers lately, that they're tired of their trendy pieces like MCM furniture, industrial pipe shelving, Beni Rugs and Poufs. They are ready to get rid of them and go back to Traditional!

With the saturation of design trends seen on Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram, when a trend is done, it is DONE! 

So when you are Sooo tired of Sputniks, Ghost chairs, Burlap and Grain sacks, that you're ready to clear the room and start anew, Traditional will be there to give you a breath of fresh air.  Traditional is not jealous of MCM or French Farmhouse, it has been waiting patiently for you to return to the Classics!

Traditional is calming, comfortable, familiar and pleasing to the eye.
 There's a reason it has stood the test of time. The proportions are perfect. It is balanced. Palettes are cohesive and relate to the architecture of the home. 

Here are some of my favorite Traditional spaces.  They are the images I reference when I feel my spaces are feeling a bit on the trendy side of things rather than classic and timeless.

Gil Schafer

Lauren McGrath

Noel Jeffrey

Cathy Kinkaid

J. Randall Powers

Jeffrey Bilhuber

Michael S. Smith

Darryl Carter

Jonathan Vickers

Photo by Keith Scott Morton for Elle Decor

Tommy Smythe

Gwyn Duggan

Logan Killen Interiors

Francois Josef Graf. Photo by Simon Upton

Timothy Whealon Interiors

Patricia McLean

Christopher Spitzmiller

Scot Meacham Wood

Wendy Possard & Associates

J. Randall Powers

Barbara Wesrbrook

J. Randall Powers

Bill Blass

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  1. Honey you had me at HELLO with this post!! Cheers to traditional/eclectic its timeless!

  2. Yes! Now I just need to find someone to pay $3000 for my vintage Brno chairs. :(