Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kitchen of the Day

Isabel Lopez-Quesada

I think Americans can sometimes make kitchen design too complicated.

Upper cabinets on every inch of every wall. All the bells and whistles, pull outs, lazy susans, 3 can openers, 5 cutting boards, storage for everyday hand towels, entertaining hand towels, everyday placemats, special placemats, weekday dishware, china, glass cabinets for display items, etc, etc, etc....

Do we really need so much storage space for all this stuff?!

This kitchen makes me want to purge all the things I use maybe once a year. Does anyone really need all the kitchen gadgets we seem to accumulate over the years?

This space by Madrid designer,Isabel Lopez-Quesada is great inspiration.

A beautifully designed hood, stainless steel behind the range to protect the wall from cooking messes, kitchen table...Done.


  1. Agree and Adore this kitchen Charlotte! I can never have enough interesting baskets either!!

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