Friday, July 24, 2015

House Tour: Anthropologie President & Buyer's Extraordinary Collection of Antiques

Anthropologie President, Glen Senk, and Antiques Buyer, Keith Johnson, have collected an impressive portfolio of French and English antiques over the years.

 I love how they are not afraid to use these treasured finds for daily use!

Their 1912 Dutch Colonial home in Philadelphia, which was featured in Elle Decor, gives us a glimpse into their life outside Anthropologie, one of my favorite places to drool over clothing and home accessories.

Keith & Glen on their beautiful outdoor veranda.

A 1920's English Folk Art iron Windsor chair and an Art Deco radiator occupy the stair hall.

Oh my, this console table! It's a French monastery table from 1750.
The wall hanging is made from "old cow-shed flooring."

Does anyone else feel like this is the Friends episode where Rachel is trying to convince Phoebe that her Pottery Barn table is actually a "historic piece from Yore and Yesteryear?"

An 1820 English Regency sofa in their living room and a 19th c English Act of Parliament tavern clock.

Those glorious antique pieces are paired with clean lined, neutral upholstered pieces in fabrics from Rogers & Goffigon.
An antique copper and brass radiator hangs over the fireplace.

Keith Johnson sitting on the arm of this chair.
Maybe I should loosen up on that rule in my house. I've been known to say, "arms are not meant to be sat on!" 

The Oak and marble island is a replica of one in LaMirande hotel in Avignon of course.

Who hasn't pinned this image on Pinterest?!
The lanterns are 19th c French street lanterns.
Table is 1860's English Mahogany.
The pale olive green walls and tufted leather banquette are absolute perfection!

How would you like to work from this "1840 English Gothick oak-and-ash" table? 
I think I would spend my days running my hands across the desk, taking in 175 years of patina!

1920 American school maps adorn the bath.

The guest room sports an 18th c French peasant wedding bed and an 18th Provençal quilt.
No funny business going on in this bed folks.
Antique framed toile fabrics hang on the wall.

And the exterior.
Beautifully landscaped by Margie Ruddick.

Photos by Simon Upton.

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