Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Living Room Update: New Vintage Hans Wegner Style Chairs

I scored this pair of Vintage Hans Wegner Style Folding Rope Chairs from EBay a couple of weeks ago.
Our floor plan is really open, which I love, but it does present its challenges. 

When selecting furniture, I didn't want anything big or bulky with a lot of height to close off the living room.  The focus of this house is the outdoors and furniture blocking the view would be a great disservice!

These images are dark, but it gives you a sense for the space.

I've long admired the Hans Wegner Style Rope chair for its natural, textural quality. 
They were the perfect solution for our space because they are low and they have an open feeling to them keeping the sight line to the outdoors clear. 

They are an ergonomical delight! Even my husband and 8 year old daughter, who like their furniture to turn into a bed, think they're extremely comfortable!

Here are a couple of spaces that were in my inspiration folder.

Katie Martinez Design 

Photographer, Amy Neunsinger's home.

Jane & Dan Wright via Apartment Therapy

Markham Roberts

Markham Roberts

Ferguson & Shamamian

Mine are in pretty great shape considering they are over 40 years old. If you find a chair that needs some work, there is replacement Rope Cord available and the interwebs has some great images and videos on how to re-do the cording. I find it fascinating to watch things like this come to life!

Replacement Danish Paper Cord.

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