Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bringing Back My Red Turkish Rugs

I bought this rug a couple of years ago on eBay. It's currently rolled up in a storage closet so this is the pic I saved from the eBay seller in Turkey. 
How awesome are the fishtail cobblestone streets btw!

I have several vintage rugs that all have this vibrant red. 
When the all white, muted Oushak movement was in full swing, I rolled them all up and they were replaced with a Beni lookalike, Jute and seagrass layered with white cowhides.

I miss this rug so I'm trying to find a spot for it in our new place. 

To keep my mind at peace, my main living spaces need to remain cream and white. 
If there's too much color in there, I guess it stimulates my mind too much and I can't relax. 
Sounds ridiculous, but it's a fact that I've come to terms with.

Our mud room/laundry room/my desk space is the spot where this rug could work. It's where we enter the house through the garage (and sometimes where my husband brings guests in...the horror, I know! His training is still in progress.) 

Since this room is a major traffic area, why not dress her up a bit?!

 Of course it will tip over that first domino which will lead to a new wall color or wallpaper, new counters, backsplash, new lighting to replace the ick fluorescent, etc...etc...etc... You guys know the drill.

I'll start with the rug and see where it leads.

Here are some spaces I love that have vibrant red vintage rugs!

Elle Decor

Carolina Irving

Gabriel Hendifar

Elle Decor

Southampton home via Sotheby's

Fiona Richardson

Eleanor Cummings

Betsy Burnham

Betsy Burnham

Soledad Alzaga

Betsy Burnham

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