Thursday, April 9, 2015

Kitchen Art

Photo: David Mitchell

With open floor plans dominating home design, there's often not a whole lot of wall space for artwork.

One of my favorite spots to sneak in some art is in the kitchen. It elevates the space to a sophisticated room and not just where you scrub the lasagna dish and roast your brussel sprouts.

If you have metal letters in your kitchen that say things like "EAT" or "Gather" (yes, this trend is coming to a close) consider replacing them with art. Take a look at these kitchens that showcase some beautiful artwork!

Aerin Lauder's Kitchen in Elle Decor

Lauren Liess


Hensley Kitchen by Neptune  Kitchens.

Dot Dimiero & Dana Aichler. Architect: Kurt Aichler, Photo: Jack Thompson

Shelton, Mindel & Assoc., Photo: Joshua W McHugh

Melanie Turner

Rafe Churchill

Vicki Wood

Melanie Turner

ATG Stores

McAlpine Tankersly Architects

Photo: Eric Piasecki

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  1. I always say yes to art in the kitchen, its the place we spend most of our time why not be surrounded by lovely art too!