Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Collect Something

We've all heard the advice, "Group things together, they'll have a bigger impact than if they were scattered around the room."

I couldn't agree more! I think everyone should have a collection that means something to them.

Choose something that's meaningful to your family history or what you love.

Please don't choose randomly to collect juju hats or vintage watering cans and plaster them all over your walls. Make it personal!  It will bring you joy every day to see your treasured prizes.

There's also a fine line between a well curated and displayed collection and a completely overboard crazy obsession!

I think these are all very well done.

Brooke Giannetti's Plaster Collection.
Photo: Lisa Romerein

Photo: Nuevo Estilo

Photo: Nuevo Estilo

Shannon Bowers. Photo: Peter Vitale for Milieu

Photo: Paul Costello

David Oldroyd. Photo: Philip Harvey

Betsy Brown

via NY Times

Haynes Roberts

18th Century Framed Botanicals via Swedish Decorating Ideas

Patty Kennedy Interiors

Vintage Plumb Bobs via ebay

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