Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kitchen of the Week: Peter Copping's French Vacation Home in AD

This week's beyond amazing kitchen is in Peter Copping's vacation home in Normandy, France. As the artistic director for Oscar de la Renta, he and his partner mainly visit the home after the latest collection makes its way down the runway.

Peter Copping's Instagram account is a must follow!

Built in the 15th century and painstakingly renovated to repair a leaky roof and install a proper heating system, it is now a beautiful respite to the fast paced fashion industry.

The rest of the home is just as stunning as the kitchen, you really must pick up the latest copy of Architectural Digest to see the full tour.

Oh those masterful, thick walls. Just as one would expect from a home over 500, yes 500 years old. 

The island was constructed by a local craftsman.
I love how it's clean lines and simple design compliment the space and relate to the exterior door and paneled window opening we catch a glimpse of to the right.

The round shelving holding fruit is by Godefroy de Virieu, a furniture and home decor designer from Paris.

A 17th c bust of Joan of Arc lends a watchful eye as meals are prepared on a Lacanache range.

16th c delft tiles from Amsterdam adorn the backsplash.

An antique cabinet completes this amazing space.

Le sigh. This space is the perfect mix of old and new with all the charm and warmth you would expect from a vacation home in France!

Photos by Richard Powers for Architectural Digest.

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